African Affairs (Cocoa Raisin Rooibos) | 10-sachet Box


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How Special?

Unlike most teas are made from Camellia Sinensis, Rooibos is a special plant only found in South Africa which gives a unique silky vanilla taste profile.

Reasons to drink

  • Caffeine free and loaded with antioxidant. It is one and only!
  • Cacao kernel and raisins enhance the earthiness of this blend, it’s icing on the cake.
  • An ideal stress reliever.Served hot or cold as pre dinner beverage to boost your appetite.

Caffeine Level: caffeine free

Ingredients: Rooibos, Grapes, Truffle Flavouring, Cocoa Kernels.

Aroma: Smoky like a fine espresso, with a hint of chocolate truffles to provide exquisite balance.
Flavour: A smooth and silky rooibos, made all the more irresistible by chocolate and vanilla notes