CuBaMint | Organic Herbal Blend | Tin Canister (65g)


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Premium loose tea/ingredients packed in food grade reusable tin canister.

About this product

There’s a new must-have superfood in the market. It’s not cucumber, not basil, and certainly not mint. It’s CuBaMint! Full of nutrients, this unidentified species keeps you hydrated all day long. A blend so desirable, only Wilma in her foot-powered convertible can reach the secret stash in the sky. If that sounds too surreal, try ordering it next time at a hipster bar near you – make it a CuBaMint on ice, please!

How Special?

Find traditional peppermint tea too boring? Try this new breed with cucumber and basil, even more refreshing.

Reasons to Drink

  • Served hot or cold as pre dinner beverage to boost your appetite.
  • Be creative with this one. How does a CuBaMint Hendricks Tonic sound to you?
  • Giving you a refreshing breath.


  • Net Weight: 65g
  • Ingredients: Peppermint, Apple Pieces, Hibiscus (16%), Basil, Sweet Blackberry Leaves, Lemon Myrtle (4%), Lemon Juice Granulate, Natural Melon Flavouring, Cornflowers (1%).
  • Aroma: Irresistible burst of cucumber, fresh basil and cooling peppermint scents will get your feet moving.
  • Flavour: Triple the taste sensations with smooth cucumber, sweet basil and crisp mint complemented by a hint of fruit.
  • Caffeine Level: Caffeine Free
  • To Use: 2g per 200ml water (100 ̊C). Steep 5 minutes.