Rainbow Box | Tasting Combo


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Not too late to realise that tea is one of the most gifted house gifts of all. With the exquisite packaging of Or Tea?™, you will be loved even more.

A tasting pack that consists of 20 of our full flavors, arranged beautifully as a rainbow within a black rigid cardboard tray. Best gift ever!

  • WellBeing
    • Detoxania (Green & Herbal Infusion)
    • EnerGinger (Herbal Infusion)
    • Ginseng Beauty (Green & Herbal Infusion)
    • La Vie En Rose (Black with Rose)
    • Kung Flu Fighter (Green Tea with Herbal Infusion)
  • UrbanPop
    • Queen Berry (Fruit Infusion)
    • TropiCoco (Fruit Infusion)
    • Tiffany’s Breakfast (English Breakfast)
    • Duke’s Blues (Earl Grey)
    • Merry Peppermint (Herbal Infusion)
    • Beeeee Calm (Chamomile Infusion)
    • The Playful Pear (Flavoured Double Green)
    • CuBaMint (Herbal Infusion)
    • The Secret Life of Chai (Black and Spice)
    • Yin Yang (Coffee Flavoured Black)
    • African Affairs (Rooibos tea with cocoa and raisins)
  • Cuppa-China
    • Mount Feather (Green)
    • Dragon Jasmine Green (Green)
    • Lychee White Peony (Flavoured White)
    • Peach Monkey Pinch (Flavoured Oolong)