Tot Kits Handcrafted Taste Safe Play Dough Trio


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This set of 3 jars boasts the heart warming colours: Red, Orange and Yellow.

Each jar contains 170gr of our super soft, non-toxic, slightly scented, handcrafted, sensory play dough.

Colours might vary slightly due to monitor and phone screen colours.

Choking Hazard. Recommended for kids of ages 3 and up. Adult supervision is required. Play dough is made from food ingredients, but due to the high salt content, it should not be consumed.

Ingredients: wheat flour, salt, cream of tartar, oil, water, glycerin, food grade non-toxic food colouring and flavouring.

Potential allergen: Wheat.  Does not contain nuts, dairy, eggs or soy, but play dough is handmade in a facility that contains such ingredients. Thus, even though the utmost care is taken while producing the play dough, cross contamination could still occur.

Play dough care: For a longer-lasting play dough, store in the original airtight container or ziplock bag and place in a cool, dry place.  It is normal for play dough to slightly dry up or form salt crystals, unless it has been left out of its container for too long and it has lost its moisture. If salt crystals form, knead with a few drops of water or oil.

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